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Tamika H

Tamika H
Active 2008-Present

"I don’t think a human on this earth can love until they have a baby."

See Tamika featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Tamika is 29 and has two children, aged 3 and 4. 

She lives with her two children in one room in her mother’s house because she can’t afford to live anywhere else on her income. A photo she took was of a bathtub in which lead paint was chipping off, a threat to her kids. She and her children all have asthma, and, while they are all insured through Medicaid, Tamika is still not able to afford the equipment she needs to treat her asthma. Tamika pays her mother rent for her room and contributes Food Stamps to the house; she struggles to buy everything her children need with the remaining money. She says, “I want people to know there are children in this world who need help, and that we are trying to make things better for them.”

2 children
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