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Tiffany R

Tiffany R
Active 2008-Present

"His cousin was trying to get some other boy and shot Troy (my baby’s father) thinking it was someone else.  The gunshots just kept on going.  He got shot nine times.  All he was saying was, 'I’m gonna be alright.  I’m gonna be alright.'  And his eyes just closed.   I wanted to get an abortion after that because I was just thinking, 'How am I going to do this?'” 

Tiffany is the mother of one daughter, Zaniyah. Zaniyah’s father, Troy, was shot and killed while Tiffany was still pregnant. Tiffany was near the scene of the crime and was the last person Troy spoke to before he died. Tiffany was living in a homeless shelter for young mothers, and is now in an apartment subsidized by the shelter. She is working as a pharmacy technician, after completing a program at community college on a scholarship, with the help of the Center's outreach services.

1 daughter: Zaniyah, 4
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