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No Way to Communicate

I don’t have a phone, so I have to use pay phones. That’s the closest phone. It’s been broken for two years now. There’s another phone, too. But I don’t go there because of drug dealers over there. I have to walk to where the train station is to use a phone to call the welfare office.

Cell Phone Service

While some may argue that access to a cell phone is not essential for survival, consider all of the circumstances in which those without a cell phone can find themselves at risk.  Elderly and disabled individuals may need medical help.  Those traveling alone at night may need to call the police.  Families with inconsistent access to transportation may need to call for a ride.  Job seekers waiting for return calls from potential employers will not want to leave the house without a cell phone, for fear of missing an opportunity.

Current Issue

– In Pennsylvania, two programs offer free cell phone service – Assurance Wireless (from Virgin Mobile) and SafeLink (from Tracfone Wireless).


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