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No Way to Communicate

I don’t have a phone, so I have to use pay phones. That’s the closest phone. It’s been broken for two years now. There’s another phone, too. But I don’t go there because of drug dealers over there. I have to walk to where the train station is to use a phone to call the welfare office.

Computer Literacy

Just as important as having access to a computer is knowing how to use it.  More and more jobs require employees to have basic computer skills, but for low-income households not accustomed to having a computer at home, basic training can be hard to find.  In the spring of 2011, members of Witnesses to Hunger worked together to complete an 8-week computer skills class, each earning a laptop or desktop computer to take home.

Current Issue

While Philadelphia's EARN Centers offer some computer training to help TANF recipients search for jobs, the trainings do not always include the range of skills (i.e. proficiency with email and Microsoft Office software) that individuals need.  Additional funding and enhanced training at EARN Centers will help struggling parents increase their skills, as well as their chances of securing well-paying jobs.


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