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Buying clothes

Thank God for layaway. You can take and layaway a few pairs of pants, or go on the sales rack and they have $3 shirts, grab the kids a few. Last week, the kids needed jackets and I went to Foreman Mills and I was on the sales rack. I was there for hours trying to find stuff on the sales rack. Two-dollar shirts, three-dollar shirts, four-dollar pair of pants… whatever you can find within your reach. I know the government, they see the people who are on Welfare and they’re wearing Gucci and Prada and Polo. If I've got something like that it must’ve been on the three-dollar rack.

Asset Building

Asset building seeks to empower low-income households to acquire assets, such as a home, a business, an education, and savings for retirement and other life goals.  Asset building promotes financial empowerment and the building up of assets through both policy and program initiatives.  Research has demonstrated that parental financial assets, such as household savings, are positively associated with the cognitive development of school-aged children.

Current Issue

One promising asset-building strategy offers Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) or Child Development Accounts (CDAs) that provide matching funds to help families save for the future.  Philadelphia should follow the lead of San Francisco by offering CDAs to all public school kindergarten students.  See here for more information.


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