The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience

My daughter has some difficulties reading, but she’s doing well. We waited like five years on a list to get her into a Newton school to go through a program. In the beginning, it was difficult, because other children there, they are White, and Tiana was a different color. And she always asked me, in the beginning, mommy, why am I a color? I said, Tiana, a different color does not mean we’re different. We’re the same. But, the children got used to her. Sometimes, she had play dates.

Advanced Learning

We believe that all of the mothers and children involved in the project have the right to further their educations and explore enrichment opportunities that suit their interests. Advanced learning can improve job skills and earning capacity, both of which promote economic and food security.  Community College of Philadelphia offers a variety of programs and scholarships that meet the needs of low-income parents looking to improve their job prospects for the future.

Current Issue

Pell grants, which support over 9 million low-income students pursuing college, was one of the few anti-poverty programs protected in the recent deficit reduction negotiations in Congress.


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