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Going to the library

They don’t see a lot of different things.  They don’t run into a lot of different cultures or a lot of different people from different backgrounds.  I try to keep them in positive surroundings, like the library.  But the oldest one was in a public school, and she got choked, body-slammed.  It was a little boy who choked her and body-slammed her.  There’s no telling what he sees at home.

Public Education

All school-aged children living in the city of Philadelphia are required to attend public schools if they are not enrolled in private/charter schools.  The School District of Philadelphia faces the same challenges that many other public schools in urban centers struggle against – large class sizes, under-funding, and the co-occurring low student performance and violence.

Current Issue

Philadelphia's students and parents must brace for yet another transition in school leadership, with Superintendent Arlene Ackerman being forced out in August and several members for the School Reform Commission resigning in September 2011.


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