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Going to the library

They don’t see a lot of different things.  They don’t run into a lot of different cultures or a lot of different people from different backgrounds.  I try to keep them in positive surroundings, like the library.  But the oldest one was in a public school, and she got choked, body-slammed.  It was a little boy who choked her and body-slammed her.  There’s no telling what he sees at home.

Student Debt

While pursuing higher education is one of the best ways to increase one’s income and escape poverty, student debt can also hinder a family’s economic success.  With millions of unemployed workers returning to school during the 2008 economic recession, private loan companies and for-profit colleges have taken advantage of the opportunity, leaving students with unmanageable debt and no additional skills.  Those interested in furthering their education should look at federal student loans – the safest kind of borrowing – before considering other options.

Current Issue

Check out a video of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee Hearing called, “Drowning in Debt: Financial Outcomes of Students at For-Profit Colleges,” June 7, 2011.


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