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Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience

“I bought that juice for my neighbor. The little boy wanted some juice, so I bought him some juice. This lady, she receives food stamps every month. And I asked her why she didn’t wash the refrigerator and she said, because she didn’t have any dish detergent… I’m not here to judge. Maybe she really is struggling and what she’s receiving is not enough and it’s just snowballed… the snowball effect, basically.

Access to Fresh, Healthy Food

For millions of Americans living in depressed urban and rural areas, access to supermarkets – along with the fresh food that they sell – is extremely limited.  In many cases, families must choose between traveling several miles to do their food shopping or settling for the poor selection and quality of the food at local corner stores. 

Pennsylvania has been a national leader in overcoming the challenges of food access, with initiatives like the Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI) and Get Healthy Philly leading the way.

Current Issue

President Obama has proposed expanding FFFI to the rest of the nation in the 2011 federal budget with $345 million for a Healthy Food Financing Initiative.


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