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When I was a kid, my parents used to take me to Broad Street Market where they had the surplus lines where you could get the canned Spam, the cheese, the butter, rice, and all that stuff. And they still do that sometimes now. They leave stuff out or they give it to certain people that come in the market. They know that I’m always collecting stuff for my community food bank, so if they have leftovers someone will say “Can I put something in your car for you to take home that you can share?” So Broad Street Market means a lot to me.

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

CACFP is an under-utilized federal nutrition program that provides free meals and snacks for low-income children in childcare facilities.  In 2010, nearly 130,000 children in PA received nutrition assistance through CACFP in childcare settings.

Current Issue

Nutrition advocates and early childhood providers across the state are partnering together to expand access to CACFP in childcare center and family childcare homes.  If you are interested in getting involved in this effort, please contact us!


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