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My daughter, she loves this restaurant. And I told her, I don’t have a lot of money, but when I get some money, I’ll take you. And that day, I think it was a Friday, she came and I showed her the money. She said, “Oh mommy, now you have money, so we can go out.” This food isn’t healthy, but it’s the only place I can afford to take my kids because I don’t have the money for a better restaurant.

National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs

The federal school meals programs operate in over 100,000 public and non-profit private schools across the country, serving more than 31 million school children each day.  Philadelphia's Universal School Meals Program - which allows all children in high-poverty schools to eat for free, without a meal application - is a highly-regarded national model.

Current Issue

Due to major budget cuts, the Philadelphia School District recently announced its decision to close 26 full-service kitchens and replace them with pre-plated ("satellite") meals.  Along with other leading nutrition advocates, the Center testified against the decision at the Philadelphia School Reform Commission in June 2011.


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