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The landlord consistently said this was properly fixed, but that is a complete lie. The landlord always said this is the 'best" that could be done.  It tooks 3 weeks for someone to come and fix the sink and this is what they do. The excess water brings mice. I already have mold and mildew, so how much more can I take?

Licenses and Inspections

Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspections administers and enforces the City’s regulations related to property maintenance, business licenses, and zoning codes.  The department is empowered to take lawful action to correct dangerous conditions, including making necessary emergency repairs to properties, cleaning and sealing abandoned buildings, and demolishing vacant buildings that pose a threat to public safety.

Current Issue

The Department of Licenses and Inspections continues to experience reduced capacity due to a series of City budget cuts.  Community members often find that complaints to the Department go unanswered.   


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