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Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience

I was making a pot of minestrone, with zucchini and onions, tomatoes and beans—good stuff in it. I wanted people to see that without money for propane, this was the only way to feed the family a warm nutritious meal. Without propane for my stove for 3 months this winter, I had to use my grill, or the microwave. When you don’t have a regular stove you are reduced to eating high calorie foods. Sometimes you end up buying a TV dinner, which is expensive and not nutritious. The more I eat junky food, the lousier I feel, and the more the depression sets in. I am sleepy all the time because I am not eating well. Also, it’s more expensive to be poor. If we had the 80 dollars to pay the bill, we wouldn’t have to pay 250 dollars to get the propane turned back on.


Public Housing

Philadelphia has a limited stock of public rental housing that is owned and operated by the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA).  Like Housing Choice Vouchers, the waiting list can be years long.

Current Issue

Philadelphia Housing Authority has been undergoing a major transition after the former Executive Director was investigated for inappropriate use of agency funds.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assumed oversight of PHA properties until the scandal was resolved.  The news further discouraged struggling families on PHA waiting lists who are in desperate need of stable, affordable housing.


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