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“When I drove past this liquor store, I was thinking about that new Florida law, where you have to get a drug test before you can get social services, because alcohol is also a drug. It also made me think of people who go to jail because of their drug-related crimes and then have a lot of roadblocks when they come out of jail. Society expects people who get out of jail to become productive members of society. But because of background checks, most of the time people can’t get those jobs or they can’t get that education to become productive members of society. Instead they’re going back to the old lifestyle of quick money, which is breaking laws and committing crimes. They need to get a chance to get their foot in society.”

Child Care Assistance

Child care assistance is available for families receiving TANF, along with other low-income working families.  In Pennsylvania, Child Care Information Services (CCIS) helps parents find and pay for quality child care while they are receiving TANF and attending a job, getting an education.  Parents have the right to choose the type of care their children receive (i.e. child care center, pre-school, or private babysitter).  For income-eligible families not receiving TANF, CCIS maintains a waiting list.  When this system works efficiently, child care assistance allows parents of young children to work and support their families without their income being drained by the high cost of child care.

Before the recent economic recession, nearly 40% of Pennsylvania’s children ages 0-5 were low-income, yet less than 25% of these children received child care subsidies. Southeastern Pennsylvania families eligible for child care subsidies wait an average of 12 months on waiting lists before receiving subsidy.

Current Issue

The recent state budget disproportionately cut child care subsidies, reducing the budget by 11.5 percent.  Further efforts to raise co-payments and restrict working families’ eligibility for child care subsidies will have negative consequences for Pennsylvania’s children and economy.


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