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They need to watch us, but they won’t do anything about what they see. Very ironic. They say that they don’t see, but you have the camera that’s right where all of the drug dealers are, and all of the kids they are dealing to are always there. You know how many shootings are around here? When I first moved here, three people died the same week, murdered.  My friends, I saw them die. We don’t really talk about it, ‘cause it’s like, normal to us.  My friends died in my face; that I’m used to. It’s not normal, but I see it as normal, because I’m used to it. 

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF provides cash assistance grants to very low-income children, their parents or caretakers, and pregnant women.  TANF grant amounts are extremely low in Pennsylvania - a family of 3 receives just $403 per month.  In most cases, individuals can only receive TANF for 60 months (5 years) over the course of their lifetime.

Current Issue

As part of the state budget cuts for fiscal year 2012, the Department of Public Welfare must cut $400 million from the TANF program.  DPW's Secretary was given unprecedented authority to make cuts to benefit programs, leaving both the TANF grant amount and the length of time families can receive TANF benefits vulnerable to cuts.


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