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Outreach Services

Outreach Services Providing Emotional Support

There are times when an individual needs assistance with accessing human services. This can be a daunting task, since there are so many agencies that are large, bureaucratic and unfortunately at times impersonal. Through our work we strive to see all of our clients, participants, and members as a whole person who may be in a need of a wide range of supports.  Our outreach efforts are designed to assist with accessing many of these services by using a personal, supportive case-management model to help the client attain PEACE of mind through the following goals:

roviding Emotional Support to ensure individual needs and voices are heard in stressful times while offering the empathy and support to access the services that are requested.
ducating the client about what services are available in the community
dvocating on behalf of the client and championing their rights for services to ensure that the services they are seeking are accessed in a timely fashion with minimal barriers
aring for the client and their success in improving their life
mpowering the client or family to negotiate access on their behalf with coaching from the Social Worker so they can have a better sense of control over their own life circumstances



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