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Active 2008-2012

“It’s just that it feels like I try and I never get over that.  I’ve been working since I was sixteen, but it’s like I can’t get hold of anything. It’s like when I do qualify for once to receive some of the programs that the government has, I’m always  told that I have to pay a higher co-pay than everybody else.   I do thank God for me having to pay $60, compared to if I had to pay for her which would be $250, but it’s just hard."

Active 2008-2012

"How safe are you in this city? The police officer that just got killed the other day . . . if you could do that to a cop, what could you do to me? These kids, they need an outlet. And this community is not it. North Philly is not it... These kids have nowhere to go for safety or fun."

Active 2008-Present


With Welfare now, what we get nowadays, it’s enough to live off of but it’s not enough to do anything to make our environment safer for our children... So the jobs that I need or that I want that I’m qualified for I can’t get because I need an education. And I tell [Welfare] that and it’s like, well, that’s just too bad, basically, you have to get a job. I need an education… But I’m held back, I’m at a standstill."

Active 2008-Present

"I don’t think a human on this earth can love until they have a baby."

See Tamika featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Tamika is 29 and has two children, aged 3 and 4. 



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