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Federal Food Assistance

That’s just some of the canned goods. Usually it's filled up more than that. Eggs and bread go fast, so after all the bread and milk is gone it does look kind of different in the kitchen.

We get the Welfare and that’s what feeds us, the Welfare. The food… it gets smaller but it never… it never runs out because right now my mom lets me keep my Food Stamps so I’m able to make it last.

I was on my way to the overtime job that I was doing when I got my food stamps cut off.  They had called me to work there for one day.  So, I was thinking to myself, “Well, if I go down here this one day, are they going cut my food stamps off?  I really didn’t know what to do.  At the time I was walking through there, it made me think, “Was I going to get cut off again?” What kind of programs can the City do to help us stay on the food stamp program when we do extra work?  I don’t think it’s fair for us to get reprimanded for doing something positive.  That’s why I chose that picture."

He was asking the case worker for something to eat.  I don’t have child care, so I have to take him to my appointments.  If he was in day care I wouldn’t have to have lugged him early in the morning to an appointment to the welfare office to try to get food stamps and medical coverage.  I can’t help it if my baby’s hungry.  I was thinking ‘I’m not going to lie to you miss, he’s hungry.'

With the money food stamps provide, I was able to feed her breakfast that morning.  Without it what would she have eaten? I wanted to show that with the help she was able to eat breakfast that morning.  She had cereal. She had milk. She didn’t have to go without.

They give me $376 in Food Stamps. To try to make it through a month you have to put cash to it; there’s no way Food Stamps are gonna make it alone, it’s not gonna work.


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