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Food Access

We get the Welfare and that’s what feeds us, the Welfare. The food… it gets smaller but it never… it never runs out because right now my mom lets me keep my Food Stamps so I’m able to make it last.

That was what I was left with. Four cans of milk and a box of cereal. So we had to go out and buy more milk because WIC doesn’t give you enough milk. You know, when the kids get bigger, they want more milk. Just one can is like two bottles for her and she drinks like four to five bottles a day. It’s just not enough, and it costs five dollars for one can.

I have a job and I’m barely making it, so imagine how many people walking around hungry, with a smile, trying to fake it.

With the money food stamps provide, I was able to feed her breakfast that morning.  Without it what would she have eaten? I wanted to show that with the help she was able to eat breakfast that morning.  She had cereal. She had milk. She didn’t have to go without.


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