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Food Quality

She was asking me for that yogurt. I felt so bad because it was outdated. It was old so I couldn’t give it to her. She was asking me for it, I said, ‘I don’t have it. It’s no good’… She was actually crying because I took it off of her and dumped it. And I didn’t have like anything else to give her.

Let’s say Welfare is giving me this money… every two weeks I get a check but I still have to make with these hands money. Because my kids still need to eat for those two weeks. So they say food banks… the food banks give you canned food. Who’s gonna eat cans of tomato sauce? Nobody. I may do someone’s hair and be able to get noodles with that tomato sauce to feed the kids, to feed myself.

And the kids know my food stamps got cut off. Because when they came home from school today, they didn’t have their snacks. So they know that I didn’t go to the market. I really didn’t tell them why or anything like that, because I don’t think they understand. But it affected them.



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