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Chronic illnesses/disabilities

In DC many homeless people have mental and physical disabilities- how can we help? As I stood at the bus stop beside this woman I put myself in her shoes- if I was in her situation, not in a stable mind frame, what could I do to get help. I was in this situation of homelessness and I saw her and she was in an even worse situation than I was, and I felt a lot of emotions- fear, that I also would end up in a worse situation, I felt a desire to help her, and I felt helpless, helpless to aid her situation and helplessness in my own situation.

I want everyone to see how important her health is to me.  She’s been so sick.  Her asthma started acting up and then she got cold sores and, forget it! Those are all her medications. She has to take them everyday, and one medicine she takes four or five times a day, just to keep her mouth from hurting so bad.

We all have asthma, but Welfare won’t give you money for you to get a machine.  You still have to pay for the machine. Melissa was wheezing really badly, and she came all the way from 15th and Mason to use my children’s machine.  She had to use this small mask because I can’t afford to buy a big mask for me.


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