The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience


"She died on my 18th birthday   I never celebrated my birthday after that.  I missed six months of school when she passed away.  I just sat in my room in a corner in the dark for six months.  I wouldn’t eat.  The only time I came out of my room was to go to the bathroom.  And I rarely had to go to the bathroom ‘cause I wasn’t eating or drinking anything."

"I’m struggling and the depression and the sadness I think really just comes from my harsh life.  When you’re trying to do positive things and move forward and make things better, it’s discouraging and it’s hard and that’s depressing.  It makes you sad.  It makes you tired.  It makes you want to give up.  It makes you wonder "why?" "what's the point?" I want people to see that that’s a person who was just really having a bad day because of everything that goes on.   It’s not always easy for us, period.  Single women.  Minority women.  Women, period.


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