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Neighborhood safety

This was in Eastern Market, I was leaving the motel where I was placed to take my daughter to daycare, it had snowed really badly and the sidewalk wasn’t clear for weeks. This made taking my daughter to her daycare really difficult and dangerous. One day I fell and dislocated my ACL and hurt my tailbone- I couldn’t go to work for a month and it was extremely painful to walk. I still have problems with that same leg to this day.

This is a major issue in DC. The government says they are trying to pick up the trash in the District. But each day when I walked by the trash was still there on the ground. Even though people were living and working in the area it seemed abandoned because of all the trash on the ground. Even though the government claims to be helping the environment, I never saw a street cleaning car or trash collecting car pass through there.

Criminals will drop their guns, drop stuff that the cops are looking for, or hide in the brush ‘cause it’s so big. So either we bug the city or they take up block collection and have somebody come and cut the brush. Because it’s not safe.  You walking down the street and a guy could pull you in there.



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