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Neighborhood safety

A kid got shot here right around the corner from a gun control billboard. They’re trying to send a message.  Nobody’s getting it.  You see?  I’m scared to take my kids out and be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I stay in the house.

A drug bag that Tangela found in front of her house while Asiya was playing

Those are abandoned houses behind my yard. Those  two houses were set on fire--that got my daughter sick for a week with her asthma. I hate it. I hate this neighborhood.

My neighbor’s son:
The drugs are the root of all of it.  My neighbor’s son was killed there, and this neighbor still gets high, too.  Her son got killed for drugs right down the street from my house, and they’re still selling crack.  It’s sick.  When she gets all zapped out of her mind, she goes down there and lights a candle, around one, two o’clock in the morning.

An idea of where I am living.  They sit out there and smoke crack late at night, because the guy that sells crack is a few houses down.  So they might grab the crack and sit right there.



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