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Employment Opportunities

They talk about people who are on SSI and Welfare, how they’re on Welfare just because they don’t want anything out of life. People are on it because sometimes they don’t have any other option. I really wanted to show that calendar and say: Employment. Is it really possible? Do you know somebody that’s going to hire me when I need to take all those days off?

This photograph show's the many medical appointments Crystal had scheduled for her children.

We didn’t get anything but applications that day. We filled them out, but two employees, as a matter of fact, told us that you will not get a job there unless you keep coming back like every week.  And I just felt like that’s so much energy to put on a thrift store job.  I would put that much effort in another job in a hospital, in a legal office,  in a non-profit organization. That I would put my energy into. I don’t even have transportation to get down to that thrift store.



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