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"I take the bus to work. That’s why I had the picture of the two bus tokens. My sad, little tokens, because it was these two tokens that I had left for three more days of getting to work. Welfare said they couldn’t give me any more bus fare money because they already gave it to me. But of course, my priority is to feed my kids. I know that going to the job is going to pay me eventually, but I can’t let them starve all week long. So, I’m going to use that money to feed them first."

I guess the bus can be convenient, it can also be inconvenient. But it’s hard when you have money to barely make it. It costs $2.90 for a two-pack of tokens and so if you’re barely gettin’ by then you’re barely gettin’ a ride.

We didn’t get anything but applications that day. We filled them out, but two employees, as a matter of fact, told us that you will not get a job there unless you keep coming back like every week.  And I just felt like that’s so much energy to put on a thrift store job.  I would put that much effort in another job in a hospital, in a legal office,  in a non-profit organization. That I would put my energy into. I don’t even have transportation to get down to that thrift store.


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