The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience

Education and Opportunity

We believe that all of the mothers and children involved in the project have the right to further their educations and explore different career and enrichment opportunities that suit their interests and skills. The extent to which their potential can be realized is shaped by several government policies and programs—beginning with early childhood education, continuing through the public school system, opportunities for tertiary education at colleges or technical schools, and support with job searches and career planning.

Active 2008-Present

I fear for my children. Because you see it every day--innocent children getting killed. I would love to see my children to get a good education and go off to college and become doctors and pro football stars and whatever their goals are. I just want better.

Active 2008-Present

"I went through a lot of stuff, but it’s all done with. I’m all right now, so I've got to move forward, can’t go back and change everything. The thing I tell my kids is don’t make the same mistakes."

Active 2008-Present

"No matter what level, what class, everybody needs to make a living. Jobs need to be created to just give that chance.  People are capable."

See Ashley featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.


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