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Child Care Assistance

Child care assistance is part of the cash assistance program and can also be granted separately for parents who are low-income but do not receive cash assistance. In Philadelphia, Child Care Works will helps recipients find and pay for quality child care while they are on cash assistance and looking for a job, going to work or going to school. Parents have the right to choose the type of care their children receive, be it from a day care center, preschool or private babysitter. Those who do not receive cash assistance will be placed on a waiting list for CCIS (Child Care Information Services) for a child care subsidy to cover all or part of the cost of child care. When this system works efficiently, it allows parents of young children the opportunity to work and support their families without their income being drained due to the high cost of child care.

I’m gonna be real with my daughter. Being as though my daughter lives in the hood,  I’m gonna be straightforward to her. When she gets old enough to understand what’s going on around her, I want her to understand where mommy coming from. I’m gonna tell her about everything. I’m gonna tell her about the drug gang. I’m gonna tell her about everything, because if you don’t teach your child then the streets will, and if you let the streets teach them then they’re gonna turn them out, they’re gonna destroy them.


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