The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience


Active 2008-Present

"There's just so much stuff that's happening out here... Do you know how many people died this week?  When I say about twenty people died on Dauphin and Susquehanna this week, got shot up… When I get on the bus to go home my face is frowning, like oh my God… I don't wanna go back home. I know I'm going back home to my kids, but I'm also going back home to go hear another gunshot…"

Active 2008-2012

“When I go to the supermarket it’s uncomfortable. It’s at the cross between my neighborhood and another neighborhood and it’s just embarrassing to pull my Access card out.  I feel like the other people in the line are just looking and judging, saying things…”

Active 2008-2012

"How safe are you in this city? The police officer that just got killed the other day . . . if you could do that to a cop, what could you do to me? These kids, they need an outlet. And this community is not it. North Philly is not it... These kids have nowhere to go for safety or fun."


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