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Lack of reliable and affordable transportation can make a mother feel like a prisoner in her own home.  For other mothers, limited transportation options make going anywhere exhausting: taking the bus with a stroller and diaper bag, dropping the children at day care, getting back on the bus to go to work or an appointment.  Work or school programs that offer transportation or on-site child care are important to mothers.

It has [been hard finding a job, and] everybody’s blaming it on the economy. But there’s plenty of jobs out there…  the reason why I know that I haven’t found a job yet is because I haven’t been able to go out [to job sites] because of my money situation. ‘Cause I know if I spend two dollars [on bus fare] I might need that for Pampers…

"I take the bus to work. That’s why I had the picture of the two bus tokens. My sad, little tokens, because it was these two tokens that I had left for three more days of getting to work. Welfare said they couldn’t give me any more bus fare money because they already gave it to me. But of course, my priority is to feed my kids. I know that going to the job is going to pay me eventually, but I can’t let them starve all week long. So, I’m going to use that money to feed them first."

I have a job and I’m barely making it, so imagine how many people walking around hungry, with a smile, trying to fake it.


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