The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience


Trees provide fresher air and shade, and are often missing from low-income neighborhoods to the point where green spaces in the neighborhood are seen as suspect. Parks and green spaces improve moods and the well-being of children and adults, and children benefit from exposure to nature and safe places to play.

Criminals will drop their guns, drop stuff that the cops are looking for, or hide in the brush ‘cause it’s so big. So either we bug the city or they take up block collection and have somebody come and cut the brush. Because it’s not safe.  You walking down the street and a guy could pull you in there.

I’m the block captain of this block. If anyone on this block needs brooms, the shovels that we have, we get them from the city. Just take care of it. And use it. Last year they gave us flowers and everything to plant. Everybody has a garden now.


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