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The city and the school district of Philadelphia impose a tax on all real estate in the city. The Board of Revision of Taxes determines the value of the property on which the taxes must be paid. Real Estate Tax bills are sent out annually in December for the following year. Real estate tax payments are due and payable on March 31. The Department of Revenue offers two special payment plans covering current year tax for low income households. Many low income families in Philadelphia who own their homes are lucky to not have to pay rent, but they often face a heavy tax burden that is difficult to pay. Often back taxes are owed if the home was gifted from a relative, and the foreclosure notices that accompany such a debt eliminate the sense of housing security that owning a home should provide.

That’s a foreclosure notice with the amount on it. After my mom died I thought she was paying taxes, but then I got a notice in the mail that says $3,000… almost $4,000 owed in back taxes. Now, the city has a nice way of saying even though you've been dwelling in this house for however long, we won’t help you.


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