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Empty lots

Empty lots—parcels of property with no housing or other structure—are often a sign of  urban neighborhoods in decline, without sufficient economic resources to sustain them. In many poor neighborhoods, empty lots become places where illegal activity can take place, trash gets disposed of, and in other ways is an eyesore for the neighborhood.

Criminals will drop their guns, drop stuff that the cops are looking for, or hide in the brush ‘cause it’s so big. So either we bug the city or they take up block collection and have somebody come and cut the brush. Because it’s not safe.  You walking down the street and a guy could pull you in there.

Those are abandoned houses behind my yard. Those  two houses were set on fire--that got my daughter sick for a week with her asthma. I hate it. I hate this neighborhood.

This lot is unsafe because this is a body-dumping lot. People kill people and just dump the bodies over there. In the past four years there’s been three or four bodies that’s been found in that lot.


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