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Medicaid is the United States health program for eligible individuals and families with low incomes and resources. Among the groups of people served by Medicaid are eligible low-income parents, children, seniors, and people with disabilities. Being poor, or even very poor, does not necessarily qualify an individual for Medicaid.  Medicaid is the largest source of funding for medical and health-related services for people with limited income in the US.

I want everyone to see how important her health is to me.  She’s been so sick.  Her asthma started acting up and then she got cold sores and, forget it! Those are all her medications. She has to take them everyday, and one medicine she takes four or five times a day, just to keep her mouth from hurting so bad.

We all have asthma, but Welfare won’t give you money for you to get a machine.  You still have to pay for the machine. Melissa was wheezing really badly, and she came all the way from 15th and Mason to use my children’s machine.  She had to use this small mask because I can’t afford to buy a big mask for me.

That is the YMCA--through your medical coverage you can join the Y. They actually will pay for you to get a membership to the Y as a way of reducing more health problems,  a way to keep them from forking out more money if you get overweight and start developing more medical problems. I think it’s a good way to relieve stress, too. You know, you get to go the gym and you get to work out, you just get some free time to clear your head for a couple hours.


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