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Despair, agony, grief - these are the feelings I get when I see my daughter in this kind of environment.

I don't get food stamps, so most of the food that I can afford is high-fat, high-salt, and cheap.

Joanna's dad has to pay the bills, and that leaves little money left to buy enough food for the month.

The corner store is the poor person's version of a supermarket.

What can I say? It speaks for itself.

There is nothing on this earth sadder than not being able to feed your child.

Active 2008-Present

Sherita is the mother of a five-year-old girl, Joanna. For eight years before Joeanna was born, Sherita worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant; however, during the last few months of her pregnancy, Sherita was required to stop working. Unfortunately, she has had trouble finding work since then.

This is my son, Fernando.  He has trouble speaking. Here he’s playing on the sidewalk next to our house.  My kids are afraid to go to the park, because there are stray dogs there.  And people smoking weed.



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