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You see the abandoned buildings and the broken up sidewalks and just holes in the street, and all different kind of stuff, negative stuff.  That’s discouraging.  And you think of all the homeless people in the city. How could I go about maybe buying one of these houses and fixing it up for myself to live in?

Erica took this photograph to show that donations don't always make it to their intended recipients. This was a box of food that she found on the sidewalk, left outside to spoil instead of having been distributed.

"I’m struggling and the depression and the sadness I think really just comes from my harsh life.  When you’re trying to do positive things and move forward and make things better, it’s discouraging and it’s hard and that’s depressing.  It makes you sad.  It makes you tired.  It makes you want to give up.  It makes you wonder "why?" "what's the point?" I want people to see that that’s a person who was just really having a bad day because of everything that goes on.   It’s not always easy for us, period.  Single women.  Minority women.  Women, period.



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