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I don’t know what it is about the stray cats nowadays, but they’re mean. There’s just too many stray cats around here. I’ve never seen this many stray cats on the streets. I have to catch a picture of them because I’m scared of them. If you have food in your hand, they will snatch it out.

This is her dad holding her up in the air. …Asiya’s dad is 19 too, and he takes good care of her.  His dad wasn’t really in his life when he was younger so I guess that’s maybe why he takes care of her.  He wants to be in her life.

My daughter weighed six pounds, nine ounces at birth.  It was just an unbelievable day. Then when I saw the footprints, it just made me think, "Wow. This is really it." It just made me so happy.

These are the bars on our windows. It’s a mean of safety because if anybody busts the window you know they can’t get in. But sometimes we feel just caged in and it’s sad that we have to feel that way...I don’t like what’s outside my house.

Despite the bars on the windows, Tangela's apartment was broken in to this past summer, and many her things were stolen.

Those are my and Asiya's feet.  I don’t want ‘Siya to walk in the same footsteps that I did. I want her to be her own person. And I don’t want her to have such a hard life like I did.



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