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It has [been hard finding a job, and] everybody’s blaming it on the economy. But there’s plenty of jobs out there…  the reason why I know that I haven’t found a job yet is because I haven’t been able to go out [to job sites] because of my money situation. ‘Cause I know if I spend two dollars [on bus fare] I might need that for Pampers…
That's at the library. I go there to fill out job applications. I try to take the kids once in a while but mainly when they're in school that’s where I’m at.
That’s actually a house that I always used to pass a lot when I was working. That house is just so beautiful and I wish that I could own a house like that sometime. But right now I just feel like my main thing is that I need money. So I figure if had money… if I hit the lotto… maybe all my problems would go away because I'd have money, but who knows.

That’s trash that’s built up that they know they need to empty--the City needs to get that. If you were to go into other neighborhoods, the better neighborhoods, the suburbs… you wouldn’t see that.

I really don’t think he wants any of us there, I especially don’t really think he wants me.  He only wants his family there. He only cares about him and himself and his family.  That’s actually an extra room in the house that he keeps locked. Nobody can use that room and all his special stuff is in there.

That’s the ceiling in the bedroom, and actually it fell down from the snow last winter. My kids’ dad, he came over and fixed it up but it still is not safe. It [worries me] a lot. I want to actually go into a shelter, but right now I’m on a waiting list for a shelter.



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