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That’s just some of the canned goods. Usually it's filled up more than that. Eggs and bread go fast, so after all the bread and milk is gone it does look kind of different in the kitchen.

We get the Welfare and that’s what feeds us, the Welfare. The food… it gets smaller but it never… it never runs out because right now my mom lets me keep my Food Stamps so I’m able to make it last.
That’s the bed. Do you see where the red sheet is at? I sleep on that side, my sister sleeps on the other side. And before, when my son was younger, it was me, my son, and her all sleeping in that bed.

Criminals will drop their guns, drop stuff that the cops are looking for, or hide in the brush ‘cause it’s so big. So either we bug the city or they take up block collection and have somebody come and cut the brush. Because it’s not safe.  You walking down the street and a guy could pull you in there.



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