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Active 2011-Present


Active 2011-Present


Denise is a proud mother and grandmother who became involved in Witnesses to Hunger to speak out about her experiences raising her grandchild and a child with disabilities, and her difficulties finding better housing for her family. She wants to be a source of inspiration for other parents who are trying to make it on a limited income and encourages everyone not to give up.

“Every time I go outside, it’s to sit out front and watch kids run up and down the street, let them enjoy themselves. And then, just doing motherly things that I’m supposed to be doing, you know?”

“This picture is of my godchild. She is outside playing. She’s outside playing and smiling, running up and down the street like a normal child. I watch all the children while they’re playing outside, and make them come in the house whenever I come in the house to get something. It’s just something that… it’s something that I do. It’s just something I do, ever since my little cousin was murdered. I do that with all of the kids: mine, my brothers’, my friends’ kids, everyone.”



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