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That’s right next to a new apartment building. Why is it that they could build that apartment to be so beautiful but they can’t fix a house this small next to it? That house is probably like, what, two bedrooms? It says Department of Public Works on the door. Welcome to Camden.

I spent three and a half months in a shelter with my two children and then I got my apartment.  The crazy thing about it is that I still have to do house searches and job searches to qualify for welfare, even though I have a job and an apartment. My caseworker says that I have to look for something lower, than I can afford, I guess because $850 is too much. I don’t know where I’m going to find a two bedroom for a lower price. All the housing that’s low-income is like a year waiting list or more.

There are so many empty places that can be built up for people to work in, creating more jobs. I would turn this into a restaurant or something. 

Housing in Camden is the worst, because it’s hard to afford it when you receive such a little amount of money from welfare, and if you work they cut half of the benefits. I would change all of the abandoned buildings and transform them to low-incomes apartments for those families that can’t afford any apartments and that are receiving welfare assistance.

That’s the fridge when it’s empty. That’s at the ending of the month, when it was a little empty, but we didn’t have to go to a church to get food or anything like that. Like we weren’t at the point of starving.



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