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I make him wear a tie and shoes to school, just to teach him how to be a young man.  A lot of times I don't make him wear it because the other kids don't, but at least once a week I make him wear his tie and his pants and his shoes.  I make him go to school like a gentleman

That is the store that buys food stamps.  They swipe it and put it into their machine and give six dollars for ten dollars.  If you stop these people from selling food stamps, it'll stop hunger, because most of these young boys won't have to out and sell drugs to get a sandwitch.  That is what they think they have to do.  I don't think they have enough sense or their parents don't make them go to school to get an education or get a job, so that is what they think they have to do because mom done sold all the food stanps and the house is cold.

"When people see Samantha and Netta I want them to see children that are well taken care of, well-mannered, despite the poverty and stuff that they are living in and around. I want them to see educated children. That is one of the reasons why I don't let them play outside, out front, because I want people to see that I don't just let them run up and down the street with all that is going on, the drug activity and the folks sitting on their front porches drinking. I want people to see them for more than that."

"On our way to football practice, there is a truck in the park that sells water, ice, and pretzels for the kids. And they also sell beer. I want you to see that when my son gets to the park that there is prostitution going on and they are also selling alcohol."

"We're taking my son to football practice and I want you to see when he gets to the park that there is prostitution going on. Here is a prostitute in the park where he practice at."



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