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Active 2008-2012

“When I go to the supermarket it’s uncomfortable. It’s at the cross between my neighborhood and another neighborhood and it’s just embarrassing to pull my Access card out.  I feel like the other people in the line are just looking and judging, saying things…”

“How can we teach our kids to have high hopes if we don’t have high hopes? If we have no self-esteem within ourselves?”

I want them to be able to be at peace, to be healthy and be successful. Because life is very hard. And I don’t want them to even struggle a third of what I went through because it’s not right for a child to have to go through the stuff I went through.

Active 2008-Present

I’m going to have a career.  I’m going to take my kids, and I’m going to take them out of here.  I want to go somewhere nice—to a nice neighborhood where they have clean playgrounds, where you don’t see a lot of violence.  Although it’s hard, because it’s everywhere.  No matter where you try to go, violence is everywhere.  It’s hard.

Active 2008-Present


With Welfare now, what we get nowadays, it’s enough to live off of but it’s not enough to do anything to make our environment safer for our children... So the jobs that I need or that I want that I’m qualified for I can’t get because I need an education. And I tell [Welfare] that and it’s like, well, that’s just too bad, basically, you have to get a job. I need an education… But I’m held back, I’m at a standstill."

Active 2008-Present


Why me? Why do my bills have to get cut off for $84? I don’t have a hundred and something dollars a month to pay the gas, electricity, phone company, and buy Pampers and buy food, pay my rent. I don’t have money like that. I know God makes a way for everybody, but right now I’m struggling.

See Myra featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Active 2008-Present

"His cousin was trying to get some other boy and shot Troy (my baby’s father) thinking it was someone else.  The gunshots just kept on going.  He got shot nine times.  All he was saying was, 'I’m gonna be alright.  I’m gonna be alright.'  And his eyes just closed.   I wanted to get an abortion after that because I was just thinking, 'How am I going to do this?'” 

Active 2008-Present

"I always say I would never give up on my kids. I always would try to do the best for them to at least graduate from high school because I’m not going to be able to afford for them to go to college or anything like that...I will never give up on them. I will always push them and try my best."

Active 2008-Present

"I went through a lot of stuff, but it’s all done with. I’m all right now, so I've got to move forward, can’t go back and change everything. The thing I tell my kids is don’t make the same mistakes."



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