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Housing & Homelessness

I was still homeless, I was still struggling to take my daughter to see a nanny so that I could go to work. I had to take a metro and a bus and the commute was difficult and I was feeling sad. But I looked in the mirror and thought to myself that there’s always something to smile about. Even though I was the one who was exhausted, my daughter was the one who was falling asleep, and that made me laugh.

As a District citizen, a working single parent, I still get rejected from housing waitlist due to the overwhelming numbers of citizens rushing for housing for the safety and security for their families. How does the district government better organize these waitlist housing areas? By giving out numbers limiting the line or a time when you can start getting in line. Giving equal opportunity to working families to survive, have a place of their own. Not subjecting working families to homelessness.

As they continue to build for the wealthy and forget about the working class people who are looking for an affordable and safe place, I wonder why they are not seeking to build for families instead of couples without children that’s wealthy. I understand money makes the world go around, but then you will have more homelessness in the Nation’s Capital that the government will have to fund to provide shelter for these families.

As I take a look as to what is being built in Washington, DC, the first thing that comes to mind is non-affordable homes, condos or apartments for single working mothers. These apartments are gorgeous, but I don’t get wrapped up in that thought. I enjoy the scene but understand that I cannot afford that home for my daughter and I at the time.

My apartment building has not been remodeled in years. My apartment building is one block away from the new condos they are putting up in the city. Why have they not remodeled our apartment? It seems that they want to push us out and bring in new apartments and new people!

This is my son’s play area in the house. My apartment is like a shoebox. It’s really small, and I’m paying a thousand dollars for something I have to make my son a play area in the corner to live in. We spend all this money, and we don’t even have space. 

Dark hallways, no cameras. The elevator’s out most of the time. We have no choice but to walk down the steps. I try not to take my daughter down with me so much because there’s no air, there’s no window. It’s Section 8 housing. I’ve lived there now about 5 years. I had to move out of another apartment because people kept breaking the front door. I kept writing letters and they were pretty much ignoring me, until somebody else got involved. It’s just sad.

Regardless of the living conditions, I still try to make a nice, pretty, and decent home for my daughter.  

8 years on this air mattress. How much longer? This is my living room and my bedroom. 

This used to be an electric company. They knocked it down to make condos. Once they knock it down they don’t care about how people will live, they only care about making money. This made me frustrated because if we just worked together and helped each other than we wouldn’t have all of these problems in DC and the world. But the companies only care about making money, not helping people. 


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