The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience


My daughter was really happy to be in a new environment. I wasn’t stressed out anymore, or moving from place to place. Each place had different problems. We both felt really at peace. We felt really blessed to be at a place where we felt safe and there wasn’t anybody treating us like we were nothing. We were both really happy.

A boy got shot here. The police is sitting right there, and somebody dies right here on the corner. It happens a lot, but I’m not sure what they’re doing to make any changes about that. Me and my daughter go outside and walk around with the dog, and sometimes I don’t feel comfortable because you never know what’s about to happen.  I knew a few of the young boys that got killed around that neighborhood. They’re very young, like 20, 21.

We need new playgrounds. Kids need a place to play. There used to be a playground here, but they knocked it down. When kids don't have a safe place to play, they can get in trouble. 

This is the metro station on Minnesota Avenue. This wall is a hazard and dangerous, somebody could easily get hurt. We spend money on the metro and this is what we get.


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