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Chronic illnesses-disabilities

My son, he’s already on the small side and he needs every bit of food that he can get to make him healthy, keep him healthy. He has failure to thrive. He has a bone deficiency that doesn’t allow him to grow. He’s only thirty pounds. He has acid reflux. He had RSV, failure to thrive, chronic asthma

He was saying peace to everybody. In this picture, from my son, he just wants to be a normal kid… same wants and needs. Because my son, he’s developmentally delayed from his medical problems.  He just wants to fit in. He just wants to be normal like everybody else... I figure you've gotta be gentle and you've gotta be nurturing, because the world isn’t … it’s not gentle, it’s not kind, it’s not easygoing at all. It’s hard, it’s tough, and it’ll knock you down every chance it gets, so I shelter them with as much love as I can right now.


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