The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

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You have all these homes and millions and millions of people living in shelters and you’re saying there’s no housing but you have all these abandoned homes going to waste."

"We just need some love, that’s all. We just need  to get the love back in the city. This is supposed to be the City of Brotherly Love. This is not. This is the city of kill your brother- Killadelphia is what they call it now."

Active 2008-Present

“There are some benefits. They provide your children with vaccinations, things that they can’t get in third world countries, things that we take for granted… they can take care of me medically but the rest of me is just dangling out there, hanging on a rope...

Active 2008-Present

"No matter what level, what class, everybody needs to make a living. Jobs need to be created to just give that chance.  People are capable."

See Ashley featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Active 2008-Present

"Everything is not as good as it looks… It might look like we're not struggling on the outside but we really are. And stuff is really hard for us. Everybody's like, 'You're lucky, he takes care of his daughter.' He does that and I’m happy that he does that, but sometimes there are things that he can’t get for her that we need for her."



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