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My children love this playground. They have always played here and have so much fun. I'm worried that if they want to build more condos or buildings they will tear down the playground. 

The landlord consistently said this was properly fixed, but that is a complete lie. The landlord always said this is the 'best" that could be done.  It tooks 3 weeks for someone to come and fix the sink and this is what they do. The excess water brings mice. I already have mold and mildew, so how much more can I take?

I remember spending my childhood on 14th and Chapin Street. I was always amazed at the character of the houses on my street. Now all I see are condos being shoved in small spaces. At this time, there are currently 5 condos being built on my street. Every single condo is priced at $500,000 or more. Who can afford that? 

This is our stove- it caught on fire while I was cooking and I had to use a fire extinguisher to put it out. Now I can’t use it and I might have to wait months to get a new stove. This is a fire hazard. 



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