The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience


Active 2008-2012

"No matter how we struggle I have a belief that I can make it. My goal four years ago was to finish school, have a big house, a single house. You hope, but I graduated school and I still can’t make it yet. But not because I lost my confidence or my hope. I’m sturdy, I’m fighting but sometimes you go through the system and it doesn’t matter about your education, what you’re doing-- you can still feel failed by the system and the way they’re supposed to help you. They’re not helping you that way."

Active 2008-Present

"If you ask me is this where you thought you was gonna be at twenty-nine years old? No. There’s no way we should go through the things we go through, whether it be the faults of our parents, the system, whatever… When you have somebody who's trying to better themselves there should be people with compassion to  help them and see them succeed… There’s something that can be done. The resources are there, the people are there, the money is there. Why is it not being used for what it can be used for?"

Active 2008-2012

"I wish the city could see what I’m going through … I wish they could live in my place for a month and see what I go through when I have to go and look in my refrigerator [and think] oh, I can’t eat this right now. Or, why’d they cut me off from cash when we needed it? Why did the lower my food stamps? Why is my landlord being like this?  I wish that they could see what I’m seeing…"

Active 2008-2012

"You don’t want to say no if somebody comes and asks you for food and you have it. You want to give it to them. But then you want to say no, because what if my kids don’t have food to eat the next day?"

This is about survival of the fittest. I had to eat out of people's leftovers and I had to wash up in people's backyards in the winter time out of their little faucet, out in the cold. I’ve really struggled. And I’m tired. When do I get a break?



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