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I really don’t think he wants any of us there, I especially don’t really think he wants me.  He only wants his family there. He only cares about him and himself and his family.  That’s actually an extra room in the house that he keeps locked. Nobody can use that room and all his special stuff is in there.

This is about survival of the fittest. I had to eat out of people's leftovers and I had to wash up in people's backyards in the winter time out of their little faucet, out in the cold. I’ve really struggled. And I’m tired. When do I get a break?

I’ve been trying my best to pay my rent.  It’s been a struggle; it’s been hard.  I can’t let myself go down. I can’t be in a shelter with five kids. My kids are going to get depressed. Who knows what can happen? I always say I would never give up on my kids.

You have all these homes and millions and millions of people living in shelters and you’re saying there’s no housing but you have all these abandoned homes going to waste."


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